BBQ Myths

BBQ Myths

The real answers to your big questions about BBQ and grilling...

BBQ Myths: Find Out Whether These Common BBQ 'Facts' Are True or False...

BBQ or grilling - is there really a difference? Does meat with more fat really absorb more smoke and smoky taste when you BBQ it? Should you really coat foods with oil before you BBQ? Is using self-starting charcoal for your barbeque really unhealthy?

​These are just a few of the questions we answer here -- and you'll discover that much of what you think you know about BBQ and grilling is simply not true.

​Let Us Introduce Ourselves...

​Hi! We're the BBQ Mythbusters -- and it's a pleasure to bring you the real answers to the most common myths about BBQ and grilling.

​We've been BBQing since we were 7 and 8 (actually, we just 'helped' our fathers at that age). But we discovered very early on how delicious a BBQ meal could be -- and today it's almost unheard of for a weekend to go by without at least one BBQ meal.

​We became the BBQ Mythbusters after we started hearing all the nonsense about BBQs and grills that people believe as gospel.

​We wanted to set the record straight -- so people didn't waste their time believing foolish 'facts' or make unnecessary sacrifices in the name of health.

​Curious What Else You'll Find Here?

​The real answer to the age-old debate: Is it best to clean your grill before or after you use it? Do BBQ grills harbor bacteria, or is this just a myth? Should you avoid flipping steaks? How do you best keep a BBQ low fat -- without sacrificing the taste? Do smoke-adding products work, or is it just a smoke-screen? Is it best to BBQ with the cover open or closed?

​And much, much more!

​Please have a look around -- your next BBQ guests... as well as perhaps even your doctor... will thank you!

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